"made-in-china 2025" map released

Recently, by the National Manufacturing Power Construction Strategy Advisory Committee (referred to as the Strategic Advisory Committee) sponsored. "made in China 2025" key area Technology Innovation Roadmap (2017) undertaken by China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute. The press conference was held in Beijing. The focus of the press conference was on the top 10 key industries of "made in China 2025" for more than two years. The major progress made in technology, the main contents of this revision and the key innovative directions in the coming years are analyzed and interpreted. Lu Yongxiang, former Vice Chairman of the NPC standing Committee and Director of the Strategic Advisory Committee. Deputy Minister of Industry and Information Technology, Leader of National Manufacturing Power Construction Group Chief of staff Xin Guobin attended the press conference and delivered a speech.

Play a leading and guiding role

It is reported that the revision of the 2015 version of the technical road map identified by the top 10 areas and 23 priority development direction, and on the basis of the original development direction of the specific situation. The contents of key materials and key special manufacturing equipment were supplemented, and the categories and parameters of 9 major areas, 20 key directions, hundreds of key products, technology and technology in the 10 fields of "made in China 2025" were discussed. The order of magnitude, the goal and so on has carried on the careful adjustment and the optimization.

The new technology roadmap will continue to play a leading and guiding role in guiding enterprises, scientific research, education and other professional institutions to explore the future development direction and focus. Guiding the market and social resources to the strategic focus of the country can become a powerful tool for government departments to design public policies.

Lu Yongxiang said that after the release of the new technology roadmap, it is necessary to do more both, do a thorough job of propaganda, interpretation and guidance work, give full play to the guiding role of the technology roadmap for China's manufacturing industry, and earnestly bring academicians into full play. The wisdom of the experts has been transformed into a new momentum to speed up the construction of a powerful manufacturing country and to speed up the development of advanced manufacturing industries. First, it is necessary to strengthen propaganda, interpretation, and guidance through various forms to speed up the understanding of market subjects. mastering and using the new technology roadmap; Second, it is necessary to speed up the key work related to the building of a powerful manufacturing country, especially the implementation of the five major projects and the creation of "made in China 2025" as a national demonstration. In Fan District, the implementation of the "made in China 2025" sub-provincial and municipal guidelines, combined with the new technology roadmap, led the implementation of relevant key tasks and timely implementation of major special projects in accordance with new changes and new trends. Personnel training, industrial policies and other aspects of adjustment; Third, in accordance with the key areas or directions identified in the technical road map, we should study the establishment of a number of professional sub-committees in the Strategic Advisory Committee to further strengthen the expert strength of the Strategic Advisory Committee. Improve the pertinence and specialization ability of decision-making staff.

"made in China 2025" has achieved remarkable results.

Xin Guobin pointed out that "made in China 2025" is the action plan for the first decade of China's implementation of the strategy of making a powerful country. In September 2015, the first version of the technology roadmap was issued, which has aroused extensive attention from all quarters. It provides an important reference for investment and technological innovation of manufacturing enterprises in China, and plays an important role in accelerating the development of manufacturing innovation in China and guiding the market and social resources to focus on the national strategy.

Release and implementation of more than two years, manufacturing power construction has made positive progress and results: first, focus on strengthening the top-level design, draw a blueprint for the construction of manufacturing power; Second, we should pay close attention to the development of key areas and achieve a number of major achievements. Third, strengthen innovation-driven development, manufacturing innovation system constantly sound; Fourth, vigorously develop "Internet manufacturing", intelligent manufacturing and other new industries, new forms of business, new models emerge in large numbers; Fifth, in-depth structural adjustment, industrial transformation and upgrading of the obvious speed.

Xin Guobin stressed that these progress and achievements have further consolidated China's position as the world's largest manufacturing country and have made important contributions to China's economic development and historic changes. It also lays a solid foundation for our country to speed up the transformation of manufacturing power to manufacturing power.

Xin Guobin said: at present, the trend and pattern of global manufacturing industry is undergoing profound changes, and the rate of technological iterative renewal is constantly accelerating. Industrial development and market demand are changing with each passing day. In order to reflect the new trends, new situations and new problems of manufacturing development, we should provide references and guidance for all sectors to keep pace with the times. In early 2017, the Strategic Advisory Committee launched the revision of the technology roadmap. More than 400 academicians participated in the revision, and experts were deeply investigating the current situation of the development of key industries and technologies in China. We should closely track the latest progress of global industrial technology, carefully sort out the bottle-neck of short board in various fields, and demand the technology of enterprises. The goal of technical innovation and development, key links, key materials, key equipment and so on are carefully revised. The new version of the technology roadmap is the most scientific, forward-looking and authoritative research result of industrial technology innovation strategy in the field of manufacturing industry in China. It has high reference value in providing innovation decision basis for enterprises and scientific research institutions.

The research of the expert Group on the compilation of Technology Roadmap shows that by 2025, the three fields of communication equipment, rail transit equipment and electric power equipment in China will step into the leading ranks of the world as a whole and become the guide of technological innovation.

At the press conference, Qu Xianming, director of the manufacturing research department of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and member of the Strategic Advisory Committee, introduced the revision of the technical road map (2017 edition). In 2025, the trend of technological innovation in key areas is prospected. Fellow Wu Yousheng of 702 Institute of China Shipbuilding heavy Industry Group, Academician du Shanyi of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. Wang Jianmin, Dean of Software School of Tsinghua University, respectively on marine engineering equipment and high-tech ships, aerospace equipment. The roadmap of new technologies in the field of operating system and industrial software was analyzed and interpreted. President Lu Shan of the China Institute of Electronic Information Industry Development analyzed "made in China 2025" Wu Jincheng, deputy director of the Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Commission, has been implementing the "made in China 2025" sub-provincial and municipal guidelines in connection with the implementation of the "made in China 2025" guidelines in Shanghai. The local practice and effect of promoting innovation and development in key areas are introduced.

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