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Prospect of "Belt and Road" ,golden time for excavator

Prospect of

Keywords 2017 annual inventory of the excavator, still cannot do without the "The Belt and Road". From the start of 2013 Belt and Road Initiative "strategy, to 2015" The Belt and Road economic corridor scale, trade volume of 65 countries China along with nearly 2 trillion. "The Belt and Road" from China, but to the world.


The 2017 Asia-Pacific Asset Management Development Trends and prospects report, released at the first Asia-Pacific Capital Management Summit 2017, shows the period from 2017 to 2020. "Belt and Road" related countries (regions) cumulative infrastructure investment will reach 5.2 trillion to7.3 trillion. The average annual investment is between 1.3 trillion and 1.8 trillion. Between 2010 and 2016, the cumulative amount of cross-border mergers and acquisitions completed by the world's "Belt and Road" countries reached 1.31 trillion. The cumulative number of projects reached 13122. Qi Jun, president of the China Construction Machinery Association, said earlier that the foundation was set up as the vanguard of "Belt and Road", interconnection has directly stimulated the rapid recovery of the Chinese excavator industry, which is expected by the financial industry. The next decade will require at least 800 trillion in infrastructure construction in key countries along the "Belt and Road" route. The excavator market is taking a big step forward in the country's "going out" strategy!


According to statistics, in 2017, the export of excavators increased at a high speed, reaching 9,671 excavators in 2017. Exports of excavators reached US 16.1 trillion in January and October, up 17.6 percent from a year earlier.


Adhering to the principle of "building and sharing together", the "Belt and Road" strategy has three main aspects of cooperation with the countries along the route: first, the road and port are interconnected, such as roads, railways, and bridges. Port construction. The second is the interconnection of energy infrastructure, such as gas transmission, transmission pipelines. Third, overseas investment to build factories. For excavator enterprises. At present, the product coverage rate of Chinese excavator enterprises in the countries along the "Belt and Road" is 85%, the channel coverage is 63%, the annual growth rate is 116%, and China Road and Bridge, Chinese Architecture. China Jiaojian, China Electric Power and other Chinese enterprises to cooperate, borrow boats to go to sea, excavators Loaders, bulldozers, road machinery, and concrete machinery are concentrated in a full range of products in Pakistan and have now reached full coverage in Pakistan, with a growth rate of 160 in 2017. Qi Jun said that in the next five years. It will be an opportunity period for the upgrading and development of the excavator industry, an opportunity period for international development, and an important stage for the Chinese excavator industry to move towards a powerful excavator country. This among them, "Belt and Road" undoubtedly plays an important role . The future of China's excavator is internationalized, and the prospect is available.


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